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Thankful for You!

Hey Queen Friend! "It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to!" LOL a little corny? I have missed you! It's been way too long. I hope you are doing well!

Life for me has been so busy and interesting, insert understatement. So much has happened since the last time we spoke. I had a birthday, our country elected a new President and now we are in the second or maybe third wave of COVID19. In all honestly, it's been a hot mess some days.

I wanted to pop in to encourage you and let you know I am thankful for you! When I started this journey I was so optimistic about sharing and the possibilities to grow and empower a network of Queen Friends who support and inspire each other. Along the way, I have had some challenges as well as cultivated new ideas. Thank you for your Beneath the Crown brand support via kind words, podcast listens, apparel representation, Facebook and Instagram shares. I really appreciate the support!

As we approach the holiday season I wanted to encourage you to lean in to your faith and focus on the good things. There are so many reminders around us of what we are lacking or what could be better. Instead of focusing on those things, try, if only for a moment to focus on what IS good and what you DO have. Even during tough times I'm always reminded there is a "blessing in the lessons." Trouble does not last always and the sun always shines again.

I am sending lots of divine peace and abundance to you all. Be gentle with yourself during this season. Remember to be thankful because you are divine and abundant with sacred energy.

If you have made it this far in this blog, thank you! My gift to you is a special discount on all Beneath the Crown brand merchandise. Use promo code: BuyBlack

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