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Let's Party!

Hey Queen Friend! Welcome back! I am glad you are here. Well the holiday season is here and with the year we have all had, we deserve to revel in all of the joy this season brings.

I wanted to stop in to personally invite you to the FIRST Beneath the Crown Holiday Party! This will be one to remember and definitely unique! The party will air on Christmas day on all podcast platforms.

When I reminisce on holidays past I often think about hosting various traditional parties such as Pancakes and Pajamas for my son and other Christmas parties for adults. One year I hosted an Ugly Sweater themed party and another year I hosted a Favorite Things party.

Growing up I never really thought I was the hosting type or even the party planning type. However, as I have matured and taken an evaluation of myself, I have determined that I LOVE to party plan! It's actually something I REALLY enjoy. Even though I stress myself out most of the time planning because usually I am so concerned about the perfection in the details.

Well, this brings me around to my point. As I thought about how party planning is totally different this year because of the pandemic and how large gatherings are a thing of the past. I started to understand, in part why I enjoy planning parties down to the most minuscule detail. Simply put, I enjoy curating spaces for people to feel good and enjoy themselves. I pride myself on mastering the art of making people feel seen and loved. The reason why I put so much emphasis on the details is because I want the party guests to know I have tried to think about every aspect of the party to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Ok, are you still here? Thank you, if you are still here reading! You rock!

This year the holidays look totally different from years past but that doesn't mean I can't host a virtual party! So that's what I will be doing. I will be sharing some of my favorite holiday songs and memories as we toast to the good parts of this year and cherish the blessings we DO have.

And guess what? You can join me. If you go to you can click on "Message" and leave a personal voice note. In the voice note you can request your favorite holiday song, send a special tribute to a loved one, or leave me a holiday wish! I will feature all of these tributes and requests on a SPECIAL holiday Beneath the Crown broadcast on Christmas Day.

I hope you will join me! Drop me a note below to let me know you'll come to my first Beneath the Crown virtual holiday party!

Thanks for rockin' with me and don't forget to visit to leave a personal message, song request or tribute.

See you soon!

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