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It's A New Season!!

Hey Queen Friend! And just like that, we're back! Back to what? Season 2 of Beneath the Crown Podcast is FINALLY here!! I am beyond excited for you to hear this season! I hope that you will join me on this journey of self-care and limitless living!

This season I have invited a few powerful Queens to be my guests as we chat about life, love, motherhood, and everything else in between. The Crown Jewels I picked up from these conversations are priceless.

I won't write a novel this time but I want to encourage you to live your life without limits! You have the power to curate the life you love. It takes hard work and belief in yourself but you can do it. If you ever get discouraged just know that you have a collective of Queens who have your back and are here to partner with you in this journey of life!

So join me in celebrating Season 2 of Beneath the Crown Podcast!! Listen now, subscribe, and share with a Queen Friend!

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