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Embracing the Seasons

Hey Queen Friend! Thank you for coming back to check in and say hi to me! I hope you are doing well. The last few weeks have been super busy and like most moms I am finding the groove of our new normal. If I am being honest it has been a challenge to figure out my groove but I am working it out.

Yesterday was the first day of Fall and it was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand I had fond memories of the Fall and all that it brings. Pumpkin spiced latte's, crisp air, cozy sweaters and Fall festivals are all things that immediately come to mind. However, life as we know it has changed. We are currently surviving a global pandemic and NOTHING is normal, nothing is the same. With that said, I started to take an evaluation of my feelings and how I am coping with this season of life.

One thought that came to mind was a reminder to myself that seasons change. I know that sounds cliché' but it is true. Not only do seasons literally change, seasons of life really change. Sometimes when we are faced with change it creates angst. Most often because we are fearful or are unsure of what is to come. So while we are entering this new Fall season, remember to embrace the change. It is okay to feel uncertain about what is to come but just like the trees change colors during the Fall season, there is beauty in change. We may not know what the future holds but we know who holds the future. Make the commitment to embrace whatever season of life you are in and find the beauty in it. Remember that diamonds are made beautiful under pressure!

That's all I've got for now, stay encouraged and remember to breathe. For more inspiration, check out my podcast Beneath the Crown on all podcast platforms.

PS: I'm so excited about pumpkin spice season! You can buy the new Beneath the Crown mug today, just click the shop link above.

What is your favorite thing about the Fall? Let me know in the comments below and share this inspiration with another Queen Friend.

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