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Delay Is Not Denial!

Hey Queen Friend! So I'm just going to jump right into what I want to say! Delay is NOT denial!

Can I be honest with you? Sometimes we have lofty plans to accomplish various goals only to be delayed by life, circumstances and our own procrastination. This doesn't mean that you aren't supposed to accomplish those goals or even that you're on the wrong path. It's just a delay.

So many of us become discouraged when our plans don't come together how we thought they would and we allow that disappointment to distract us from the promise. What is the promise you ask? The promise is that thing that wakes us up at night and fuels us in the morning. It's that thing that causes our faces to light up when we speak to others about it. Life happens, and sometimes it can cause a delay but trust me, that's NOT a denial.

The goals you have set for yourself are valid and the dreams you have dreamt for your life have purpose.

Instead of feeling down about your delay, be thankful that the delay afforded you the time you may have needed to work out the kinks, or maybe just to prepare yourself for the journey.

With that being said, remember that to everything there is a season and a time. Your delay could mean that your dreams will manifest at the appointed time for them to take root! Always remember that everything is always divinely arranged and nothing happens by chance, it has already been determined.

Give yourself grace and remember that delay is NOT denial. Everything will align at the appointed time! Evolution takes time.

I want you to tune in tomorrow night at 9 PM ET to Coffee + Conversations on the podcast Instagram page (@beneaththecrownpodcast). I'm going into depth about this topic and more!

Drop a comment below and let me know how you're coping with delay! Remember Queen, it's JUST a delay, NOT a denial!

See you soon!

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