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4 Life Changing Reasons Why It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams.

Hey Queen Friend! I hope you are having a divine day! Maybe something you read in this post will inspire you to keep dreaming and believing in yourself.

I recently read an article online highlighting the new Tina Turner documentary. In the article one of the major takeaways was the fact that she didn't truly come into her superstardom until her late 30's when she made the decision to escape a love that no longer served the love she was willing to receive for herself. In the article, she spoke about how she had a terrible life but she kept going. She never gave up on herself or her life.

I've read other articles about other famous women such as actress Viola Davis who didn't begin acting until the age of 40. She decided then that the life she was leading was not what she wanted and she decided to strive for more. She decided to follow her dreams and turn them into her reality.

If we are truly going to live inspired lives, we must hold true to our faith in ourselves that we can accomplish anything. I know it's the second quarter and some people may have abandoned those goals set at the beginning of the year. It's never too late to get started.

Here are 4 life-changing reasons why it's never too late to follow your dreams:

  1. You owe it to yourself. I know, sounds cliché, but it's the truth. Why waste your entire life wishing and hoping you could have done something you love. There's no greater love than self-love. We spend tireless hours helping others pursue their passions that we forget to apply that same pressure to ourselves. Do it for you.

  2. Someone is depending on you. You may be wondering who that someone is. I'll tell you since you asked. That someone is the person whose inspiration is tied to you following your dreams. We are all an inspiration to someone whether we like it or not. Life is cyclical. Simply put, all things work together like a puzzle. We can't move to point B without first going through point A, and "that someone" can't get to their next destination without the inspiration from you following your dreams. You may be thinking to yourself "well, I don't want to inspire anyone". All I will ask is "why not?" You are exactly where you are today because another person decided to follow their dreams.

  3. Death won't deliver your destiny! Sounds morbid huh? Welp, it kind of is. I heard a thought Leader mention once that the cemetery is full of dreams deferred. Much like the Langston Hughes poem discusses, dreams can dry up and die. They can fester inside of a person for so long because the dreams were never turned into reality. Maybe because of a lack of opportunity and at other times lack of effort. Either way, death will NOT deliver your destiny. Since life is not a dress rehearsal you only get a lifetime to realize your dreams and make them come to life in a big way.

  4. Legacy. Legacy is something that is passed from one generation to another. Your dreams deserve to live in this world far beyond your physical existence. The late rapper Nipsey Hussle said, "find your purpose or you're wasting air". Those words and so many of his inspirational philosophies will continue to live on long after he is recognized in this world. The same holds true for you. Your legacy is worthy of continuing on long after you are not physically present.

I am happy to share these life-changing reasons with you. I hope they cause you to really stop and evaluate your life and whether or not you are actively pursuing your purpose. Life is to be lived, just being alive won't cut it anymore!

Until next time, Queen.

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