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Intrigued by the Crown

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Welcome to the Beneath the Crown blog, Love, Latina! Thank you for visiting this site. Please share this space with your friends and come back for more inspiration.

I have always loved having great friendships and sharing my life with my friends. The purpose of this space is to not really offer a solution but to introduce a partnership among women to do life together! I decided a few years ago that I wanted to curate a safe space for women to share and discover our best selves. I had identified early in life that I was intriguing to women for various reasons. To be honest I often heard from friends "girl, you have the perfect life"! Well, let me be the first to tell you, I do not have a perfect life by ANY means BUT I am blessed. I realized then, how important a space like this would be. A space for women to have C.onversations R.evealing O.ur unique W.omanhood N.arratives.

When I thought about curating this space the first things that came to mind were the color pink and thoughts about how this space would make women feel.

If I am being honest, in retrospect I should have started this space earlier but I allowed fear to cripple me. Fear is a funny thing because it can cripple you and prevent great ideas from being produced. For years I have had really brilliant ideas and because of fear I have allowed them to sit dormant. Well honey child, today is a new day!

As I launch this site, please know that it is ever evolving and growing. I want to do life in a positive way with each Queen who decides to enter this space.

For more inspiration please subscribe, download and listen to the Beneath the Crown podcast wherever all podcasts are distributed!

So stay a while, tell a friend, give me feedback and let's create a beautiful partnership towards divine wellness.

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